What do our clients say about us?

“The StrengthsFinder Workshop makes a significant difference in my learning experience.  Apart from the fact that it helps me to uncover my top talents, the most impactful is that through the inspiring lead of the trainers and the interactive dialog with the passionate teammates, I am now able to realize how I can live a better life through the awareness of my talents, how these talents can be transformed into strengths and how I can apply my strengths in my work, my family and my life in other aspects.  Another thing I found is that all teammates have become passionate and positive about their future after the workshop.  It’s truly a powerful and enjoying learning experience!”

~ Andrew Tsang, Director of Technology & Engineering Group

“Gallup is a fantastic tool to master your mind and can be used to have a better life. The practical elements gave everyone a chance to try out techniques and gain confidence straight away. The trainers are very dynamic.”

~ Diana Leung, Manager of Global Financial Institute

“Thanks Joseph and Vicky for the well-organized training. Truly inspiring. Overall, I tend to agree that the results of the survey aligned with my personality traits. I was most pleased to see includer and woo traits so high, as they align more with my self perception and personal goals.”

~ Charmaine Ho, Director of Global Media Corporation

“My experience with Gallup (Top 5) has been phenomenal. By going through a structured questionnaire it analyses and reflects the strengths I possess, in which the traits I am more or less aware but further confirm and elaborate on the observations. Through the exercise I can more easily relate my strengths to my way of living in order to thrive in circumstances, no matter at work, relationships with people and personal development. I am now able to focus on dwelling on my strengths and be more confident instead of being held back by my weaknesses.”

~ Clement Pang, Manager of Environmental Engineering Company

“Joesph and Vicky has been an inspiration for me to gain a greater understanding of myself. I did want to thank you for this fantastic course. I found it very interesting, it was well structured and I really enjoyed the mix of theory and practical work.

I believe I have taken away a lot of positive things from CliftonStrengths and have been able to identify my Top 5 Strengths in my spiritual life (as well as my work) ways to put the lessons into practice.”

~ George Or, Director of Global Telecom Corporation